Stage headphone amp for drummer

I was asked to build a fairly simpe and cheap headphone amplifier to be used during gigs by my friend, a drummer.

Since the headphone amplifier is to be used on stage, the signal feeding it will be mono.

I use a mono-telejack as input and a locking stereo-telejack for his headphones.

The headphone amplifier is built around four NE5532 opamps.

Progress so far, 2012-04-25

The kit:

After some soldering:

Some flux that needs to be removed.

I’ll only use the screwterminal for the wires from the transformer, the rest of the wiring will be soldered to the PCB.


Mockup of how the PCB will be placed:

Still to do is most of the wiring and determening the correct value for the mainsfuse.


Got this done today, had to add 2,2uF filmcap on each output to eliminate DC.

Settled on a 400mA fast blow fuse.

I’ll know by next week what the drummer thinks of this headphone amplifier.

I’m happy to report that the drummer was very pleased with this headphone amplifier 🙂



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