Onshape CAD

In order to get the most of my CNC router/engraver, I came to realize that I needed to learn some CAD software to build it to the best of my abilities. Then when built, I’ll have immense use of the CAD knowledge and I will then need to learn some  CAM software. 

I have tried, very briefly, to use CAD software in the past. Not having a clue what I did, I gave up very quickly. 

The other day I stumbled across a tutorial about the entirely free (for open source use) and entirely cloud-based Onshape, it runs from your browser (like chilipeppr) though edge and internet explorer aren’t advised by onshape. 

So, when I have some parts done that I’m happy with, I’ll get some of them 3D-printed as I THINK 20mm thick of the most rigid filament would be strong enough for this project. 

I can really recommend Onshape as 1, it’s free 2, there’s plenty of parts available made by others and 3, the tutorials and support is great as far as I have experienced thus far. 

/Mayday 2017/11/26

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BF862 headamp update 

While I’m waiting for the 1000uF/10V Elna ROA Cerafine output caps and the extra 33R Takman resistors, I re-wired the ALPS pot with silver in PTFE on the output side. 

Hifi-collective  sent the parts out this morning, so now it’s up to Royal Mail and Swedish Mail as to when they arrive. I’m hoping they come before the weekend. 
/Mayday 2017/11/21

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ES9023 DAC board 

I have a couple of the cheap ES9023 boards. 

I replaced some components on one of them this morning.  I have no idea what was used originally, but considering what they sell for, I doubt they were the greatest of parts. I used AVX PPS for the 4n7 output capacitors, Panasonic PPS for the 100nF and Murata X7R for the 1uF as I didn’t have C0G/NP0 or PPS of that value in that size (0805).

/Mayday 2017/11/21

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CS4397  DAC/BF862 headamp project update 

So, I made a wiring error when wiring up the power supplies for this project.  It seems, the only, fatality of that error was the CS4397 IC. 

I feel bad as it was gifted to me. I have a replacement ordered. 

When I did test it all with the correct voltages all around, I got too much DC-offset on the headamp output. As this design has a output capacitor, the problem could just be a lack of load ie a resistor between each channel and gnd. Since I needed to shorten much of the wiring anyway, I took the opportunity to separate gnd-in to the ALPS pot from the gnd going from that to the headamp. 

While having the thing apart, I removed the Elna Silmic II 100uF/25V and moved the Elna ROA Cerafine 470uF/25V from the output to the input PS spot. I’ll replace the output cap with a 1000uF/10V Elna ROA Cerafine. 

I’ll also raise the bias on the jfets from about 8mA to around 10mA. 

More to follow. 

/Mayday 2017/11/18

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I got the cable shoes I need to complete the wiring of the CS4397 DAC/BF862 headamp project.  I believe I have all I need to complete the project at home now. 

/Mayday 2017/11/15

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BF862 headamp update 

I’ve done all wiring apart from PS wiring. 

When I’ve tested that everything is working, I will shorten some wires that are longer than they need to be. I’ll also solder wires in some places where I currently use connectors. 

/Mayday 2017/11/14

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Another CS4397 DAC and BF862 headamp update 

So, it’s time for another update on this project. 

I did some more of the internal wiring. 

The Edcor WSM’s are now hooked up on both the primary and secondary side. 

I used a four lead shielded wire with the shield connected to the gnd of the ALPS RK27 pot. I use the same cable from the ALPS to the headamp boards, also with the shield connected to the gnd of the ALPS RK27. 

I’ve added a gnd wire straight from the CS4397 analog gnd (on the ferrite bead) that is to be connected to star-gnd, that I decided to put on the LT1963 board. 

I found out that I didn’t have enough cable shoes, so I’ll need to get some before being able to complete the build. 

/Mayday 2017/11/13


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