My opinion (reviews)

Here I’ll let you know what I think about tools, parts… anything I test really.

It’ll be my opinions of course, yours may be different.

Chinese Fluke 101

I got this a while ago to review.

I have to say, given the price these units go for, I can’t find a single complaint about it.

The autorange function is fast enough, the DMM is very accurate for its price and easily beats my old DMM that cost about the same some years ago.

I have no problem at all recomending this DMM to anyone looking for a cheap but good DMM.

/Mayday 2017/06/11

Douk audio enclosure

I really like the wooden side-panels, however…

I don’t like the lack of instructions, the flat alu-sheet isn’t wide enough to reach the side-panels, and it seem too wide to fit between the angled aluminium. See pics:

I have contacted Douk audio on ebay and mentioned the above, and I sent the same two pics in this post to them. As of this moment, they have not responded to the message.


They actually sent me a complete new enclosure, so a big thumbs up for the customer support.

/Mayday  2017/09/29 11:11 GMT+1
Ferric chloride

I must say that I am beyond pleased with the high quality FeCl I have bought from a german ebay seller. Cheap and very good quality.

The seller: mungolux_com

/Mayday 2017/09/29

Drill press stand 

I was sent this a while back to review. 

I’ll keep my review short. 

Don’t buy this piece of junk. It’s maybe good for drilling PCB’s, but nothing else. Not if you got it to drill straight holes. 

/Mayday 2017/12/04