MiniMay a TA2022 based amplifier

This was to be a TA2020 amp, but I’ve opted to go with the TA2022 instead.

This is the amp-kit I ordered(not recieved it yet though):

The 180VA 2x18VAC toroidal transformer I’ll power it with:

I  got the speaker terminals, and I’ve ordered two more pairs since I really like them

A few days ago I got the RCA-connectors.

The enclosure/chassi I’ll use:


Got the amplifierboard today 🙂


Finished this build today 🙂

First there was an issue with the toroid above(180VA 2x18VAC), it is busted.

As luck would have it I had another toroidal transformer at home: 200VA 18-0-18VAC

Some pics during the build(some are with the busted/bad toroid).

With the bigger(and working transformer).

First impressions are that it is very clean and detailed, but it still needs many hours to settle.

To be continued…



2 Responses to MiniMay a TA2022 based amplifier

  1. jacky tang says:

    hi.bro,where to order this ta2022 chipset?

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