MayPower, TA2022 BTL

On this page I’ll describe the build of the MayPower, a 180W/Channel at 8ohms digital power amplifier that I’ll use to power my 15″ Dayton IB woofers.

Some pics while I wait for the amp board to arrive:

Ordered a 400VA 2x22VAC toroidal transformer for this board from today, great prices for custom wound toroidal transformers and shipping to your door 🙂


Today the amplifier board arrived 🙂


Got this nice transformer from Toroidy today 🙂

400VA 2x22Vac


Ordered the enclosure/chassi:

And two more pairs of speakerterminals:


The chassi I ordered was smaller than I thought, but I managed to fit everything like this:

Some pics of the progress I made today…not much I’m afraid.

Just to show how small this amp will be:


Everything was connected OK, every standard precaution like ESD-protection was used…

But one channel of this board was faulty. The left channel had a really nasty loud humming, loud enough to drown out any music it might have played.

After some e-mails back and forth with the seller, he was as stunned as me to why the amp didn’t work and agreed to send a new board if I sent the old one back so he could try to find the error.

So I’ve sent the board back and is now waiting for the replacement to arrive.

To be continued…



I can add that this amp never did work properly. I had DC-offset on one channel and a gnd-loop I could not get rid of.

From what I’ve read on various forums, I’m not the only one that had these issues with that board.



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