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Long time no updates, sorry about that. Dealing with pain from wear and tear from too many years of bodybuilding.

Just now on my way home from having my entire spine MRI:ed.

Anyway, this is a small soic8 to dip adapter design I sent to oshpark today.

I too often find I don’t have enough of them, so I figured I’d make my own.



Some pics from stuff I have been working on or populating the last few days.

Two of the boards are for a WM8740 DAC with OPA1642 output. I use LT1963A regulators as they are good, and I can etch those footprints with my current method and level of (lack of) skill when it comes to etching with the toner transfer method.

The other board is a 3-pin regulator based on the TPS7A3301 and is intended as a “drop-in” replacement for the LM337. I use quationmarks as the voltage setting resistors on the PCB you put this on has to be removed and jumpered. Leaving just; V-in, GND and V-out on the PCB’s connection to and from the TPS7A3301 board.

I had the boards (regulator) made by oshpark. It’s their 0.8mm thick board with 2oz copper option. It’s the same price but longer turn-around time.


I got the adapter boards from oshpark the other day. I think they came out nice, 0.8mm thick with 70um copper.


I recieved three (mono) headphone amplifier boards from oshpark today.

/Mayday 2017/10/16


I woke up way too early this morning and before my fiance and daughter woke up, I had a little fun with KiCad. I did a layout for the high current LT3042. It incorporates a D44HV10 NPN transistor to boost its current capabilities.

/Mayday 2018/05/20