It’s time to put together another order from mouser. I only send an order off when I have reached the free shipping limit. If I didn’t do that, shipping cost would be half the order total.
I do order small quantities from time to time from micro-kit (great to get Elfa disrelec and Farnell stock at one place) or electrokit.

Mouser was the only source I found for the large size SMD resistor nets I used on the DAC mainboard.

I got some Vishay thin-film .1% resistors for the same board (these are for the LT1963’s and the LT3042IMSE).

As luck would have it, they (mouser) also had the big size SMD oscillator, 22.5792Mhz I still needed to source for the Audio-widget/FreeDSP classic SMD.

Funny thing about that board (Audio-widget/FreeDSP board), it’s the first time I’ve got all parts, but in too small sizes.

I mainly use SMD’s to keep boardspace down, so I mainly use 0805’s with the occasional 0603, 0402 and sometimes 1206 resistors for the extra power handling.

If a TH part lets me do a better layout/smaller board, I’ll use it so I’m not biased one way or the other. 

Anyway, I noticed that mouser has lifted the free shipping limit from 40eur to 50eur since I last ordered from them.


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