My beloved dipole speakers.

My beloved dipole speakers are getting some TLC in the form of new caps in the crossover (mids/highs).

The highs are handled by the not unknown B&G Neo 8 magnetostats.

Mids are handled by Dayton Reference series aluminium drivers. RS180S-8

The new caps are JB JFX Premium series from hifi-collective

I etched the boards with the toner transfer method (it’s been years since I etched my own PCB’s, so excuse the quality).

I know, I need to dust off the crossover “box” and tidy up the wiring.

Inductors are 1.2mH Jantzen Cu foil and Intertechnik 2.4mH.

Wiring is 4*0.6mm 99.9999% silver in PTFE tubing.

After having dusted off the crossover “box” and fixed the wiring, I’ll glue the stand-offs to the lead-rubber (black in pics) with a very nice silicone adhesive I’ve found. 

More to follow.


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