Last couple of days

I’ve been in too much pain to do any real DIY. I did collect the acousticly transparent fabric that I will stretch over a wooden “box” frame, think upside down box with cloth walls. I’ll fasten the fabric with a very strong spray glue. I do this to make the dipole speakers somewhat more child-proof, my daughter will start to crawl around any day. And then walking… And she’s very curious.

Not really a cheap solution though, with shipping the fabric and the glue came to about 900sek. Fortunately the wood for the frame will be alot cheaper to buy.

Not much else done over the last days. I did etch my first PCB in years, and using the toner transfer method.

It’s a PS for the enhanced chipamp.

I populated the softstart for the 2*tda7293/channel amp the other day.

I’ll clean up the internal wiring of that amp while I install the softstart. I’ll use sleeves for all wiring etc, not that it shows, but it feels better knowing it’s nice and tidy in there.

I started populating the second audio-widget PCB. Still waiting for the USB B PCB connectors though….

Sorry about the bad image quality, I didn’t use my DSLR but the Camera in my phone.


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