It’s time to move on from the modified Analog Metric DAC. Well it’s been for a while.

I have three populated Red Baron boards, one Pedja Rogic DDNF I/V board, a few jfet tube hybride output boards with passive I/V, some SM5814 boards, WM8805 boards, WM8804 boards, the audio-widget boards (though I am not sure they work with OS with NPC SM5814), and some other stuff I don’t remember atm. I’m currently on the way to get a follow up after my neck surgery, so I don’t have anything in front of me, but have to rely on my not so great memory lol.

This unfortunately means I don’t have any pics available to put in this post now either.

I’ll use one of the Red Baron boards for the headamp system, if I can get it to work with XMOS USB (or audio-widget) followed by an SM5814. The XMOS is capable of putting out SPDIF IIRC. So I could go XMOS – WM8805 – SM5814 – TDA1541A.

The other two Red Baron boards, I’ll either use two in parallel, summing the I-out before I/V. Or, if at all possibly, get them to work with some sort of DSP (preferably the FreeDSP classic as I have two of them) via I²S out. I don’t know if I can run them in slave mode, sort of a must to get them working with the FreeDSP.

As you can tell, this post is more or less me “thinking out loud” so to speak. Though any and all advice is appreciated 🙂


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