Tedious fault finding…

I tried “re-wiring” the outputs on the FreeDSP classic board, the board that worked well but for the total silence in the left channel mids/highs (passively x-overed).

The output I thought might be bad works now, but I still don’t get sound from the B&G Neo 8 that I use for HF.

I think Maybelline the old PIO’s in the x-over has passed their prime. I have some MKP’s on a way to replace them.

On top of that the amp driving the woofers had blown its main fuse. Mains are 230VAC here and the fuse was 1.6A slow blow. Granted, I don’t have any softstart in that amp, yet. I’m not sure if I should use a higher value fuse? 300VA toroid, each channel of the amp has two tda7293’s.

Going for a walk with the fiance and my daughter now, more to come.


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