Main system…

…I got the idea to get the main system up and running today, sort of a test run with the FreeDSP classic.

I hooked up the DSP with analog in and used the internal D/A-converters. To power the woofers I used the modular TDA7293 amp(2 TDA7293/channel), for the passively x-overed mids/highs I used my Arcam Alpha 8 power amp. I used my AD797 & BUF634 headamp (with XMOS USB and ES9023 DAC)as a preamp, the source was a raspberry pi 3 running OSMC.

First I was very happy that I got sound, no noise or hum, but then I noticed that the left mids/highs was quiet. After ruling out all other possibilities, I determined that it was the FreeDSP classic that was the culprit, why it doesn’t work on that output is something I’ll have to look at another day. It is not a big deal as long as I can get it to work with two ES9023 boards via I²S.

I have issues letting a problem be and revisit it another day. So…I kept at it longer than I should have considering I’m still recovering from the neck surgery.

Anyway, I finally dropped it, went for a walk, and now I’m resting.


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