“main stereo system” slowly getting there

I’m slowly getting to the point where I can test the main system with the FreeDSP, new DAC (s) and two new amps.

For now the BCL clone, I guess it’ll be mkIII, will be acting as a preamp. It’s got very nice parts and closely matched transistors (I believe it took me something like 200pairs BC550C/560C to get the matches I wanted. Slightly less for the BD139/140’s. I figured that if it drives my Philips Fidelio X2’s with authority, it’ll drive the FreeDSP classic with ease.

The BCL clone is the one with a wooden front, if the HP-jack isn’t clue enough 😉

The one on it’s right is the FreeDSP classic with power supply. I will fit an audio-widget board and two es9023 DAC’s in there as well, along with a TPS7A4700 for the +5Vdc for those.

The larger enclosure is housing a 2xTDA7293/channel amp with spkr-protection and a 300VA 2*24VAC toroidal transformer and 4* 10000uF/63V capacitors.

On the floor in front is an Arcam Alpha 8P that may or may not retire as the amp driving the mids/highs of my dipole speakers.

I still have the TDA7293(one per channel) with 2SC5200/2SA1943 to complete and test. If it is as good as stated on diyaudio amongst other places, it’ll probably end up driving the Dayton 15″ IB’s in H-baffles that takes care of the LF in the dipole speakers.


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