TPS7A4700 regulator with LM317 pinout

I sent files for these some time ago, but I think I forgot to post about them on here.

Anyway, here are some renderings from KiCad.

As you can see by the size, it won’t fit in all spots that an LM317 can be used. I opted for heat dissipation over absolute compability. If needed, a heatsink can be used as long as non-conductive TIM (thermal Interface material) is used.

I have used Arctic Silver Lumina thermal epoxy with good results in the past when I needed to attach a heatsink/alu-piece to add cooling. This stuff does bond PERMANENTLY though, so keep that in mind. The 0402 Resistors are 0R and used as Jumpers to GND to set the regulators V-out.


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