I found a thread on diyaudio about adding BJT’s to the TDA7294(originally) chipamp. I found it interesting and it looks like an easy build and from what I read, a solid/stable amp design. I figured it may be good for driving the Dayton 15″ IB woofers in H-baffles that provides the low end of my dipole speakers. I had two heatsinks in my stash, I wasn’t sure they’d handle the dissipation though. I ordered some 24Vdc 90*90mm brushless fans of ebay and used thermal epoxy to fasten some brass standoffs to the heatsinks.

As a base, so to speak, for the amp I got two mono PCB’s for the TDA7293’s. I have not yet gone over them completely with the DMM. Some parts will be omitted, some added outside the boards (on perf boards). I have populated parts that I, by comparing the schematic to DMM testing, know are to be populated.

I’ll use a 500VA 2*24Vac toroidal transformer and 4*10000uF/63V (and rectifiers of course) for the PS.

More to come later.


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