Pedja Rogic’s DDNF I/V

I had originally populated the board with decent parts, then I figured I’d use better parts as the SRPP jfet tube hybride with passive I/V I’ll compare it to in my system has parts of equal quality.

DDNF parts:

Matched BC550C/560C, 1K resistors from hifi-collective, as is the 1n8 AMTRANS capacitors, the 10uF Mundorf MKP and the 100K resistors. The Vishay Sfernice RCK02’s are from an eBay seller based in Poland. The 5K resistors and 200R Bourns trimpots are from an ebay seller I’ve used alot in the past as he stocks genuine NOS parts. I think his shop is called electronicslee or similar. The board itself was a gift from my good friend Dave aka Torchwood (I forget the numbers in his nickname on diyaudio).

Pics of the board taken with my phone unfortunately.

I went with the “budget” Mundorf MKP caps as that what what I could afford.


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