USB DAC & HeadAmp.

Well, it’s almost done 🙂

The wiring needs tidying up, I will put an LED on the front. But it has passed the smoke-test, DC-offset is barely measureable (apart from a seconds rise to above 200mVdc at power on/off).

Linux has no issue finding the XMOS USB to I²S board, I haven’t tried it on win10 x64 as that PC is in the bedroom where my fiance and daughter are sleeping atm.

My plan to take +5Vdc from +12Vdc worked well. All boards apart from the ES9023 & XMOS are of my design/layout. Though in all fairness, the headamp part is HEAVILY influenced by the XP-7 headamp. With what I hope, and think, are some improvements.

Some pics of the contraption as it looks right now, mess and all lol.

I told you, “it aint perty” 😉


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