“My” AD797 & BUF634 headamp/preamp

I got the boards yesterday. This time I used elecrow. For the first time they dissapointed, the silkscreen on 3 of 5 PCB’s was awful.

The two OK ones are these:

I actually populated it with a few parts this morning before I started feeling to crappy.

I’ve gotten a cold on top of recovering from my neck surgery.

The 1210 sized caps are Panasonic PPS 100nF.

The inductors are Epcos 22uH very low ESR. The AD797 decoupling electrolytics are low ESR Nichicon (IIRC). 

For the BUF634, I’ll use Panasonic 68uF electrolytics and 100nF PPS.

The slightly larger ones at the PS input will be 220uF Rubycons.

At last some DIY on the DIY blogg lol


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