Audio-widget USB to I²S…

Well, I sent files for a board based on an MCU off to a PCB house. This time I used oshpark.
I use them for small boards as they charge by surface area. Turn-around time is OK and the boards are good quality.

Currently trying to get the Software working on my Linux work-horse computer. I’m kind of new to Linux, anything more involved than browsing, using KiCad etc is a learn as you go thing for me. The software I’m refering to is the one/ones needed to program the MCU.

I believe that the MCU based USB to I²S solution is probably the most flexible. I do have an XMOS-based USB to I²S board on the way as well.

The application I have in mind is getting I²S input to FreeDSP boards. Thereby avoiding one analog to digital conversion.

The second application is having a USB DAC and headamp in the same case for use with my PC.

A third application is having my raspberry pi 3 as a digital source via USB to I²S, then DSP and finally (before amps) I²S to DAC (s), having the DSP only dealing with digital signal processing, letting better options handle the conversions.
We’ll see how this turns out as it’s a first for me using software in this way.

Have a good one and enjoy the holidays!


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