What have I been up to?

Since last I actively wrote about DIY in this blogg?

Well, I have gone from populating others designs to simulate using LTSpice, learning to use first Eagle and then KiCad.

I find the latter to be a more powerful tool once the habits from using Eagle has gone away.

So, if you are about to take the plunge and learn an EDA, my advice would definetly be to go straight for Kicad.

It has a great community and support, and it’s FREE. Another plus is that it runs on win, linux and Mac OS. I’m sure it runs on more OS:es, but these are the ones I know it to run on.

The pic is an example of a layout made using Kicad, keep in mind it was one of my first 😉

I’m using TPS7A4700 & TPS7A3301 for the voltage regulator board in the pic above.

I’ve made one WM8804(with small rookie errors), one WM8805 board etc as well.

I’m waiting for boards for what I hope will be a better version of a AD797+BUF634 headamp I’ve been using for PC sound for about a year or so.

Have a good one.


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