Big woofers need power

At the moment I’m using my Arcam Alpha8 power amplifier to drive my Dayton 15″ IB woofers in dipoles.
I have used one UcD400/channel in the past, and I have to say they do seem to like the extra “horsepower” even when playing at low to moderate levels.

With that in mind I’ve been looking around for decent affordable alternatives.

I didn’t want to have to buy an expensive, big high voltage transformer and inevitably the big high voltage PS caps to follow it.

Then I found the TA2022 BTL.
With a 400VA 2x22VAC transformer it gives 2x180W/8ohms.

The thing about the bridged TA2022 is that it doesn’t do well with loads below 8ohms, but as luck would have it my 15″ IB’s are 8ohm woofers.

Future project? Most definetly 🙂

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