WM8805, getting there…

I found the time to put some more parts on the board today 🙂

Getting scary close to having to deal with the software part of the project.

/Mayday 2018/05/23

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Fun with KiCad

Had some time to kill this morning, so I decided to do a layout of the NPN enhanced LT3042 (high current circuit in the datasheet). It’s about 12x28mm and use the same transistor as the one in the datasheet example.

/Mayday 2018/05/20

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WM8805 software mode, more parts…

So, I got a few parts today and I had some time to do DIY.

I populated a few more parts on the PCB.

I still have to clean off the flux residue and populate the rest of the parts. I’ll put capton tape over the IC’s when populating the rest of the parts to protect them somewhat from the heat.

/Mayday 2018/05/18

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WM8805, small update

I had to populate a few parts even if I haven’t received the LT3042’s yet.

It does take heat to get the solder to flow on this board 🙂

/Mayday 2018/05/16

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Speaking of waiting…

I got the WM8805 PCB today, that was fast!

/Mayday 2018/05/14

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Parts, the wait…and software mode.

I don’t know about you, but I am not a fan of waiting for parts/PCB’s to arrive.

With that said, I’m currently waiting for the WM8805 software mode PCB and the parts, those I don’t have at home, to stuff the board. In the meantime I’m trying to read up on software mode for the WM8805 and other IC’s like the WM8741, AK4490 and so on.

The thing I lack most in knowledge about is the controller, ie what to use and how. The arduino is sort of a temporary solution/a bandaid in lack of a proper controller IC.

The WM8805 PCB, with extra, break away LT3042 regs, Toslink adapters etc is from Dimitris, go check out his blog, there’s some great reading on there 🙂

/Mayday 2018/05/14

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Phase inverter for L20D amp

I decided to build a prototype on perf board before etching a board. 0805 parts fits perfectly between the solder pads on a perf board. The prototype is nearly done, I need to touch up a few solder joints and then clean the board from flux residue etc.

/Mayday 2018/05/12

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