Arch Linux progress

I’ve made, some, progress in getting Arch Linux and openbox setup in a way I’m happy with. Huge thanks to Derek at distrotube (go check out his Youtube channel), whom I have stolen a whole lot of ideas from. I’ve also used scrips and config files from his gitlab page.

This is how it looks right now:

/Mayday 2018/07/26

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JLCPCB update

Well, all ten of the Audio-widget boards has the silkscreen error.

I have made a quality complaint at the JLCPCB website.

I can still use them, I think. I have to look at them more closely.

The point is that they are not as ordered or as their own gerber-viewer showed they should look.

/Mayday 2018/07/24

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JLCPCB, order arrived

Well, after postnord had taken longer to handle the parcel within Sweden then it took to have the boards made and shipped to Sweden…I got the PCB’s, parts and solder paste stencil today.

Granted, I’ve only looked at one of each of the two different PCB’s I’d ordered.

The silkscreen is a little funky on the Audio-Widget board, I know the files are fine as I’ve had them made with a different board house in the past. Credit for the Audio-Widget board goes to Pavouk, as it’s his layout.

I sure hope the silkscreen isn’t as bad on the other nine boards. doesn’t matter how cheap they are at JLCPCB if this what you are normally sent. Now, this is my one and only order from them, and I have not looked at the other boards. They may very well be fine.

/Mayday 2018/07/23

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When in pain…

…you have to distract yourself with something that you actually CAN do.

In my case the laptop used for KiCad and as a general work-horse has had more then a few Linux distributions installed lately. There was always something that didn’t work and made me distro-hop to the next one. Until yesterday.

I landed on, to my great surprise as I didn’t think I had the skill, ArchLabs.

With openbox as the window manager and tint2 as the panel, it’s just worked. Worked very well I might add.

A big thanks to a youtube channel called DistroTube as it got me curious about the lightweight and very fast (and configurable) openbox window manager. Not to mention all the incredibly useful information and knowledge I’ve gotten from watching that channel. Again, thank you sir!

Desktop as it looks now, I’m still learning how to configure pipe menu’s and so on.


It may not be for the absolute beginner, but so far I’m getting along great with this OS and window manager.

/Mayday 2018/07/22

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Collected the laptop

The one that’s going to be my daily “work-horse” for things like KiCad, freecad and so on.

It is in very good condition, I’d say at least the keyboard and battery has been replaced. It came with Windows 10 Pro x64, the same OS I have on the stationary computer. I’ve already installed Debian 9 “Stretch” with the LXDE desktop environment making the laptop dual boot. I much prefer working in on Linux, but you are bound to run in to things that only work in a Windows environment more than once.

Debian being installed. I went with Debian over some other options as I know more about using debian or debian-based distros. And, not to forget, Debian is a very stable OS with a ton of software in it’s repos.

After getting the OS installed, I didn’t have the energy to do much more as it’s been a long day with much pain. And I only got about two hours of sleep last night.

Tomorrow I’ll try to get the most important software installed, like KiCad (I do like that EDA tool 🙂 ).

/Mayday 2018/07/04

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Soldering stations.

I’ll be making a couple of reviews in a couple of weeks.

A digital temperature control board for hakko 907 irons (must have PTC thermistor).

This one

A WEP 898D soldering station and hot air gun in one box. This also use the 907 style irons.

This one

I’ve been using a WEP 858D hot air station for about a year and it has worked well for me.

My current soldering station is a Weller WHS40D, it’s nice in humble opinion, but there are only three different tips that I am aware of.

I have a tip thermometer and a ir-gun for checking temperature and calibrating (where that’s an option) the temperature.

/Mayday 2018/07/04

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New laptop…

…well to me at least. I’ve gotten a pre-owned HP Elitebook 8440p that I’ll collect today.

I’ve been doing most of my photo-editing and PCB design on our old Asus eeePc netbook. But it is not really up to the task and most of my time is spent waiting on that thing.

That is running Linux on it, I don’t wish to know how it would perform in windows.

P.S I’ll be spending some time using the laptop as my pain is bad. Got up at 4:45 today, after two hours of sleep.

Happy 4th of July to you American readers!

/Mayday 2018/07/04

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