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I thought I’d explain why there’s not that many recent updates. 

I was a bodybuilder for many years. This has left it’s marks on my body. I have one herniated disc in my neck that’s operated and alot less of a problem now. BUT I also have three other herniated discs in the lower back and upper back. These are giving me problems, alot of problems. 

I am in pain 24/7, I have areas where I have a lack of sensation (feeling or whatever it’s called in English) and I have areas that go numb like if they where “asleep” , I think maybe you call it for example dead leg (if your leg falls asleep).

This has been going on for years, as a very sad example, I haven’t been able to hold my 14month daughter for more than a few minutes since she was born. This is just heartbreaking to me. 

Lately the pain has gotten worse and I’m exhausted from fighting to get help from the once very good Swedish healthcare system. 

I’m not trying to get anyone to feel sorry for me. I’m just trying to explain the lack of new content. 

/Mayday 2017/12/11

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Upcoming review. 

I had 2 parts 3D-printed for me via 3dhubs.

The first of these should arrive tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. 

That part is of my own design using onshape and I a SFU1204 ballnut mount/bracket. 

The other part should with any luck arrive before the weekend and is a design 2off thingiverse and that is a drill guide to make 90° straight holes in for example alu-sheet.  

I used the same 3dhub member for both parts to make for a more accurate review. 

For anyone reading this that lives in Sweden, this is the members site/hub.

He’s very quick to repond and has excellent communication. So let’s hope the parts are good.

/Mayday 2017/12/04

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Drill press modifications 

As I don’t own a real drill press, I got a stand to review. They are useless *end of review*.

I decided to try getting it sturdy enough to atleast manage straight holes through 5mm thick aluminum/aluminium. 

I figured filling the very light and flimsy foot of the stand (the main issue was the foot bending and the entire thing leaning forwards) with plastic padding steel epoxy. 

To get more stability out of that, I drilled and put some long M3 screws through the foot from the top side. 

Since I have a fever, I haven’t been able to test if/how much of a difference the modifications made. 

I hope I’ll be able to use it for something now.  I did spend about $17 on epoxy and a bit of time on this thing. 

My take on this drill press stand. Don’t buy one. Just don’t. Save to get a bench top drillpress or give the money to charity, atleast you won’t be wasting your money that way. 

/Mayday 2017/12/04

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MayMaker update again 

Well,I opened the package from rawcnc and I got a roll of shielded cable as well as the nuts, washers and bolts.

 /Mayday 2017/12/01

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MayMaker update 

I’ve just received a bunch of bolts, nuts and washers from Rawcnc. 1.3kg of stuff to be precise. Very cheap and very good service. Especially considering that it’s a small one man business. It’s the same guy that makes the Raw 1.5 CNC mill.  A mill I wish I had the space (and my better half’ s permission) to get. 

/Mayday 2017/12/01 

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MayMaker update 

I’ve got different stepper motor drives on the way, HY-DIV168N-3.5A.

I’ve also received the raw material for the Z-axis plate/spindle mount plate. 

And then there’s the MR12(correct name?) rails and some MGN12H carriages. 

I’m not sure I’ll use those exclusively for the X-axis, I may use one rail on top of the upper 2080 profile and use 12mm rods with bearingblocks on the front of the 2080 profiles. I.e. using the 12mm rail and carriage to reduce vertical stress on the 12mm rods/bearingblocks. 

It’s the kind of decision I’ll make having all parts in front of me as what works “in your head” may not be the best idea in reality. 

/Mayday 2017/11/30

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BF862 headamp update 

Well I got the Elna ROA Cerafine 1000uF/10V output capacitors and the extra 33R Takman resistors I needed today. 

Thanks to Hifi-collective.

I put the 33R Takman resistors in parallel with the ones already there for 16.5R to raise the bias a bit. 

I populated the output capacitors and put Wima MKS2 4.7uF in parallel with them.  

With a 9V battery as power supply, I got 6.97mA with the 16.5R and 5.30mA with the 33R bias resistors. I only got a 0.01mA between the 4 output pairs, I consider that an ok result. 

Next is to test DC-offset with a resistive load, as the output capacitor makes accurately measuring that without a load more or less impossible. 

That’ll have to wait until I get one of the smps supplies I’m waiting for. One 19V/3.6A (for use with a step-up converter) and one 22V/1A. I don’t know if 1A is enough for the DAC/headamp combo as I think the 24V/1A got a little warm. There’s of course no telling if the 24Vdc supply actually is 1A as I got it off eBay years ago to power B+ of an ECC86 based DAC output stage, and for that it worked fine. 

Btw, I haven’t forgotten about the guy asking me for a couple of matched pairs of the BF862’s, I feel guilty not checking what I have every time I see those little jfets. 

/Mayday 2017/11/27

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